Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software. Its primary use is in layout work for print such as Magazines, books, posters etc. Additionally, it can be used to produce electronic content such as interactive PDFs. Adobe InDesigns strength lies in the integration of powerful word processing and graphics/image integration, without the creative limitations of a pure word processor such as MS Word.

If you have to produce content for print and are looking for a jack-of-all trades, InDesign is a worth while investment. And best of all, its quick to learn with satisfying results.

InDesign 1-1 Creating Linked Text Boxes - Formatting Text.

In this course you will learn:

InDesign 1-1 (27 min)

Overview - Creating Linked Text Boxes - Formatting Text.

InDesign 1-2 (23 min)

Paragraph and Text Formatting Continued.

InDesign 1-3 (23 min)

Lines - Shapes - Working with Color - Tips and Tricks.

InDesign 1-4 (20 min)

Working with Images and Graphics.

InDesign 1-4.5 (7 min)

Changing Text Color.

InDesign 1-5 (20 min)

Text Wrapping.

InDesign 1-6 (16 min)

Custom Shaped Text Boxes.

InDesign 1-7 (21 min)

Master Pages and Page Numbering.

InDesign 1-8 (18 min)

Exporting for Print.

InDesign 1-9 (13 min)

Booklet Printing.

InDesign 1-10



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